Previous Winners

Summer 2022

Woonghee Lee

Woonghee Lee SAFL award 2022

Summer course at CISM (International Center for Mechanical Science) on “Fluid Flows and Phase Change of a Solid”, July 25- 29, 2022 in Udine UD, Italy.


Spring 2017


Jiaqi You


Jiaqi You at the Phycological Society of America Annual Meeting 2017

Jiaqi You at the Phycological Society of America Annual Meeting 2017


Mirko Musa

Mirko Musa & friends at Waterpower Week 2017
Mirko Musa and random Italian tourists (aka his friends) in front of his poster at the Waterpower Week 2017 in Washington DC.

Fall 2016

Gerard Salter


Gerard Salter Student Travel Award

Gerard Salter showing off his poster in the Gilbert Club in Berkeley, CA after the Fall 2016 AGU meeting.



Fall 2015

Jonathan Czuba


Jonathan Czuba

Jon Czuba "pops up" at the Gilbert Club at UC Berkeley following his award-winning presentation at the AGU meeting in San Francisco, CA.

Ashish Karn


ashish karn

Ashish explains cavitation at the American Physical Society in Boston.

Abigail Tomasek


abby tomasek

Abby explores the giant trees in the Muir Woods after her presentation at AGU in San Francisco.

Spring 2015


 Ali Ebrahimian


ali ebrahminian

Ali shows off his award received at the EWRI Conference at Austin, TX.

Toni Calderer

Mohammad Danesh


mohammad danesh

Mohammad (in yellow circle) made dozens of friends at the Catchment Science Conference in Andover, NH.

Craig Hill


Craig Hill

Craig gets a history lesson at the WWII memorial during his trip to the IMREC & METS in Washington, D.C.