Travel Award

Next due date: November 3rd, 2017

Thanks to the many generous donors to the SAFL Student Fund, this monetary award financially supports SAFL graduate students who attend professional conferences by providing a one-time award of up to $500. Up to six Awards may be granted each academic year, with three offered during the Fall semester and the remainder offered in the Spring semester. 

Nomination rules and guidelines:

Full-time graduate students whose research is performed at SAFL are invited to submit a proposal for funding to travel to a professional conference. Preference is given to students who will be presenting their research results at the conference and/or who have had a manuscript on their research accepted for publication in a refereed journal in the previous 12 months.

The Award provides up to $500 in expense reimbursement for travel and associated expenses to travel to a professional conference or meeting. Students may receive a maximum of one Award during their tenure as a SAFL graduate student. If a student wins the Award but chooses not to use it, he or she is ineligible to reapply unless she/he notifies the awarding committee within a week of receiving the Award.

In the case of more qualified applicants than available Awards, preference will be given to those who

  • are presenting research at the conference for which funds are requested
  • ​have had a manuscript on their research accepted for publication in a refereed journal in the previous 12 months
  • have not won the Tsai award in the same semester
  • have shown academic progress by passing the oral exam
  • have had a longer tenure at SAFL (in case of ties)

How to Apply: 

Applications should include:

  • a proposal letter, endorsed by their adviser, explaining why the travel award is requested.
  • an itemized estimate of travel expenses and funding sources.
  • if relevant, the abstract of the paper to be presented at the conference and proof of acceptance. If the paper is submitted but not yet accepted, the student is encouraged to submit the application without the acceptance letter.
  • if relevant, a copy of a paper published in a peer-reviewed journal in the previous 12 months, or a letter from a journal indicating acceptance of a paper for publication.

Interested students should submit applications to with Student Fund Travel Award in the subject line.

Winners of the award are required to submit a photo from their travel to be posted on the website. See previous winners of the Student Fund Travel Award here.

The Student Fund Award is made available on the basis of sufficient funds in the Student Fund account and may be altered or discontinued pending funding. 

Updated 9/15/2016