Student Council

The SAFL Student Council is comprised of Masters and PhD students who spend significant time at SAFL. The Council meets at least once a semester to 1) ensure that volunteer positions are filled, 2) plan social events and outings, 3) manage the Student Fund, and 4) discuss important issues regarding the SAFL student body. Meetings often include members of the SAFL Administration. 

Current members
Chair: Jon Schwenk, rep. Efi Foufoula's group
Treasurer and Exec. Assistant: Maria del Carmen Garcia de la Serrana Lozan, rep. John Gulliver's Group
Councilmember: Mirko Musa, rep. Michele Guala's group
Councilmember: Nate Lentsch, rep. Chris Paola's group
Councilmember: Alec Petersen, rep. Filippo Coletti
Councilmember: Gerard Salter, rep. Chris Paola's group
Councilmember: Abby Tomasek, rep. Miki Hondzo's group

Former Members
Councilmember: Sarah Baumgartner, rep. Chris Paola's group
Councilmember: Toni Calderer, rep. Fotis Sotiropoulos's group
Councilmember: Mohammad Hajit, rep. Fotis Sotiropoulos's group